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Thought Leadership Article Role Of HR.Has anything changed!

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Hundred and hundreds of articles and as many books have spoken about the role of HR and every year there is some more added to the copious reams of text already on the subject......did you miss something while you took a nights rest? Not really in the text version of things actually and maybe not so much on the ground either. Have we not been hearing about how HR needs to look at talent management, performance appraisal, learning and development, succession planning etc.....even as a non HR person am sure these would be familiar terms to your ear.......Then what really has changed and why have so much written about 'changing role of HR'....is it to keep the interest in the profession alive that we coin new terms? is it that we need to ensure that HR never goes out of fashion or rather HR stays current with the "youth" who would shudder to hear the old terms of HR Admin , IR etc ...... What really has changed then?

What really should be the role of HR? From where I see, HR is a business facilitator. An enabler role which the business person can depend on to help him/her achieve their targets. The HR person of today needs to be 1st a business leader - clarity of the nature of the business - its strengths, the competition, the opportunities, the possible threats. Armed with this, develop strategies to ensure business objectives are achieved through cultural alignment of people with the company values and vision. Yes HR needs to do all of the traditional stuff too ..employee engagement, development etc....but failure to do the one single thing, cultural alignment, can do far more damage in the long run than all the good achieved by periodic engagement and appraisals.

This is a 2nd in the series of Thought Leadership Articles that we at KTA will put out with the intend not to hurt sentiments but to provoke discussion on various subjects. Views on subjects can be shared so as to create a platform for Industry experts & professionals to discuss new ideas and share experiences to cut down the learning curve for others.

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