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Signification of Nominication

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A Thought leadership article :  “Signification of Nominication", a combination of the Japanese verb nomimasu (to drink) and communication – key for business success in Asia

"Nominication is at the foundation of business life. Done among work mates and with customers, in essence it is a part of work, but it goes beyond just the office or factory and into regular life.  Nominication loosens us up, relieves our stress, and brings us together to develop our interpersonal relationships”. states Wolfgang Heinrich now an International consultant who has lived and worked in Asia & EMEA markets and held strategic roles with German multinationals.

During work hours, we don't always have time or opportunity to talk and discuss things. Nominication is a way to get a grip on the current work situation, exchange ideas and opinions, get all sorts of useful information. Also, from getting together good relationships are developed. If you get to know someone better personally and understand their personality and character, naturally it becomes easier to work with each other. Even if you find out that you do not like a workmate or customer, you learn how to deal with them. You may ask why go through all the trouble to get to know each other? Then ask yourself, do you want to work or do business with someone you don't know? Most Asian Business persons will not want to do so.   

In Asia it is very important to establish a personal bond of friendship and trust. Business happens when these bonds are firmly in place till then there may be lot of polite talk but no orders will come your way. “Friends First, Business Second” motto for success in Asia does not mean that we in Asia don’t focus on deadlines and profits, it’s just that we feel comfortable doing business with people we know rather than with strangers”  Nominication is a very useful HR and Leadership tool.  Easy to implement and very affordable but yes don’t get drunk as no one wants to do business with a drunk friend.  “Nomimasu in moderation, Nominication in excess should be the mantra for success in Asia” - Keyur Thakore