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In Search of an Ethical Leader! Thru ART.

In Leadership

Why ART?

 Art is described using a slew of words such as evocative, magisterial, realist, naturalistic and gives the 

receiver an opportunity to experience, interpret and express feelings without being judgmental.  It is a 

selfless giver as it does not expect anything back from you as a viewer of the ART form except may be, 

an acknowledgment that it created an impact on your mind. Some may say that impact could be positive 

or negative but then again it is left to the receiver to learn from that experience of viewing it.

A leader,  like ART, needs to be a selfless giver without expecting anything in return ….true leadership 

has come from those who have chosen this path be it from the days of Buddha, Vivekananda to 

Mahatma Gandhi …they gave without expectation and look at the numbers that followed them. Such is 

true leadership. 

Can we replicate this in business and work life situations where performance is judged on bottom and 

top line contributions and leaders are expected to drive team performance using all means possible.

Can we use ART and combine that with the Science (process) for creating leaders who can be looked 

upon as those who give (be it knowledge, expertise, guidance etc) without expectation.  Be in any 

field – Business, Education, and Politics we need selfless leadership to work only then, can we expect 

improvement in overall ETHICAL standards in day to day life.