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ETHICS!!When Search Consultants tread on the grey area in their resume

In International

The issue of Ethics in the search industry is paramount as it is the basis on which clients and candidates lay their trust.

Imagine then, when you find that the search consultant himself/herself has taken the liberty to tread on the grey area of ethics while putting up their profile on public websites. What happens when you find that the same consultant now Heads the HR function of an organization using the same grey logic, possibly, to land the job?

For example: If firm A has an international tie-up and firm B has a tie up with Firm A at a local level - can the person employed with Firm B claim to be working for the International Firm with which Firm A had a tie-up? Am sure for a majority of us our answer would be a FIRM NO.

But then this happens and is being done by a select few to suit their vested interests to project themselves as having had a larger role than what the reality was.

Ethics is key to both the Search and HR role - how does one tackle such blatant use of the "grey zone" in resumes by the very profession that preaches high levels of integrity. How should one expose or address such issues on social media platforms as sites do not provide for anyone being able to flag such instances. How does the organization that has recruited such a person be made aware of such misdemeanor from the very person who is supposed to be at the forefront on creating a work culture where ethics is the center piece.
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